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Paprika (Smoked Hot)

Paprika (Smoked Hot)

Our Smoked Paprika Hot (also called picante) is a Spanish Paprika that has been smoked the traditional way - without the short cuts often found in the larger commercial paprika productions. Freshly harvested ripe red pimento peppers are dried in low-lying, adobe smoke houses that are heated by smoking grills fired with slow-burning oak planks (this is also known as cold smoked). Next it is on to a repeated grinding between stones which results in its signature silky smooth texture.

The end result is a deep, dark earthy red color with a touch of heat (about 500 - 1,000 on the Scoville Heat Units). Now don’t think of this as a “burn your face off” type of heat like you might get with some chiles. This is more of a seductive heat that draws you in. Its characteristic dark red color spreads evenly throughout any dish.

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